Bendigo Elite Show and Sale, 17th September 2017

Hopea 16/6013

Sire: Detpa Grove 13/544 "Iceberg"

Dam: Tapton 12/288

DOB: 26th May 2016

Birth Type: Twin

Comments: Used in stud, Is a well balanced ram with adequate muscling and structure. Won the novice class at Bendigo, A very nice ram!

Latest Raw Data: 17/7/2017 weight: 96kg EMD: 45 Fat: 7.5


Hopea 16/6044

Sire: Anden "Paramount" 14/290
Dam: Detpa Grove 13/193
DOB: 7th June 2016
Birth Type: Twin
Comments: Well muscled and put together ram, Has nice balanced ASBV's and huge bone. Came 2nd in Novice at Bendigo.
Raw Data: 17/7/2017 Weight:108kg  EMD: 47 FAT: 7

Rams for Sale

2016 Drop flock ram lambs for sale now at $550 each including GST

Ewes for Sale

13x 2016 May-August drop white suffolk ewe lambs

Mostly Detpa Grove, Anden and Redwood bloodlines. These ewes have been vaccinated with Gudair and 6in1 and never been grain feed. 

Priced at $300 + GST. For more information please email or call