2018 Shows

Balmoral Show

Reserve Champion White Suffolk Ram (Hopea 7047)

2017 Shows

Edenhope Show

Supreme Exhibit of The Show (Hopea 6013)

Champion Ram (Hopea 6013)

Supreme White suffolk (Hopea 6013)

Champion White Suffolk Ram (Hopea 6013)

Champion White suffolk lamb (Hopea 7026)

Horsham Show

Supreme ewe of show, Hopea 665

Supreme group of three, Hopea 633,665,650

Champion White suffolk ewe, Hopea 6027

Res. Champion White Suffolk ram Hopea 7026

Champion suffolk ram, Hopea 633

Res. Champ suffolk ram, Hopea 663

Champion suffolk ewe, Hopea 665

Res. Champ suffolk ewe, Hopea 612

Bendigo Elite Show and Sale

2nd Novice ram class (Hopea 6044)

3rd August Suffolk ram class (Hopea 677)

Sold 6044 for $2,000

Sold 673 for $800

Hamilton Sheepvention

1st in Pair of rams, Hopea 669 (Left) and Hopea 663 (Right)

3rd in Woolly ewe, Hopea 612

6th in July class, Hopea 633

7th in August class, Hopea 677 

Australian sheep and wool show, Bendigo

1st Novice white suffolk ram, Hopea 6013 (Right)
2nd Novice white suffolk ram, Hopea 6044 (Left)
4th Novice white suffolk ram, Hopea 6019 (Middle)
2nd Novice White suffolk ewe, Hopea 6051

2nd July suffolk ram, Hopea 633

2nd August suffolk ram, Hopea 677

Balmoral Show

Interbreed Champion: Hopea 6019 (Pictured right)

Champion White suffolk ram lamb: Hopea 6019

Champion Suffolk ram lamb: Hopea 633

2016 Shows

Edenhope Show

Supreme sheep of the show (Hopea 15/502)

Champion Ewe of show (Hopea 15/502)

Champion Ram of Show (Hopea 15/5122 "Top Gun")

Champion Suffolk Ram (Hopea 15/521"Balmoral)

Champion Suffolk Ewe (Hopea 15/502)

Champion White Suffolk Ram (Hopea 15/5122 "Top Gun")

Judge: Hayden Whittlesea

Horsham Show

Champion Suffolk Ram (Hopea 15/521)

Res. Champ Suffolk ram (Hopea 16/608)

Champion Suffolk ewe (Hopea 15/502)

Res Champion suffolk ewe (Hopea 16/601)

Res.Champion White Suffolk ewe (Hopea 16/6027

Judge: Nick Lawrence

Australian Sheep and Wool Show


2nd wooly ewe class (Hopea 15/520)

2nd Objective measurement class (Hopea 15/521)

Judge: Anthony Hurst

White Suffolks

2nd novice ewe (Hopea 15/5061)

4th novice ewe (Hopea 15/5100)

4th novice ram (Hopea 15/5058)

6th August ram (Hopea 15/5122)

Judge: Paul Day

Balmoral Show

Champion Interbreed ram- Hopea 521

Res. Champ Interbreed ram- Hopea 5058

Champion All Other Breeds Ram: Hopea 521

Champion White Suffolk Ram: Hopea 5058

Judge: Tim Jorgensen

2015 Shows

Edenhope Show

Champion Suffolk Ram (403 Grizzly Bear")
Champion Suffolk Ewe (424)
Champion White Suffolk Ewe (5100)
Champion White Suffolk Ram Lamb (5014)
Most successful exhibitor
8 firsts
6 seconds
3 thirds
Judge: Ian Carr 

Coleraine Show

- Reserve Champion All Breeds Ram with Hopea "Grizzly Bear" 14/403
- Champion Suffolk Ram (403)
- Champion White Suffolk Ewe (4005)
Judge: Ian Kyle

Horsham Show

- Champion Ram (419)

- Champion ewe (424)

- 6 firsts

-2 seconds

Judge: David Pipkorn

Hamilton Sheepvention

- 3 seconds

- 2 thirds

Judge: Anthony Duffield

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show

- 1 second

- 2 thirds

- 1 fourth

- 1 fifth

- 1 sixth

Judge: David Moore

Balmoral Show

- Champion Suffolk Ram (403)

- 4 firsts

- 1 second

- 1 sixth

- 1 Seventh

2014 Shows

Edenhope Show

- Champion Suffolk Ram

- 4 firsts

-2 seconds

-1 third

-1 fourth

Ararat show 

-Champion Suffolk Ram

-Champion Suffolk Ewe

-Supreme Suffolk

-Champion Suffolk Group

-Champion interbred Ram

-Champion Interbred ewe

-Champion Interbred group

-Most successful exhibitor

-Supreme sheep of Show

2013 Shows

Horsham Show 2013

- Champion Suffolk Ewe

- Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewe

Judge:  Andrew Frick