Hopea Suffolk and White Suffolk stud is run on around 3500 acres in the Wimmera region at Dadswells Bridge, Victoria. My love for sheep started with the purchase of 12 suffolk cross ewes in 2008, from then it has extended to a passion to improve and provide stud sheep for clients and to preserve the purity of both suffolks and white suffolks. Having no stud breeding history in the immediate family, It has been a tough road of ups and downs but many of those downs have become huge learning experiences. My sheep have progressed since those early days and will continue to do so in the next few years!

What's in the name?

A lot of people ask where does the name Hopea (pronounced HOPE-E-AH) come from? Well, it's the combination of my family and their initials being Hayley, Olivia,Paula, Ellie and Andrew! I've since found out it also means silver in Finnish!