Hopea 14/403 "Grizzly Bear"
Sire: Deppeler 12/3018 "Bear Cub"
Dam Burwood 08/1568
Sire of Dam: Allendale 04/1924
Comments: Grizzly Bear has been one of the best rams bred at Hopea, he has conformation, structure and muscling which breeds into his lambs with strong suffolk heads. He was shown successfully winning multiple champions and placing high in the larger shows such as Bendigo and Hamilton. He produced two stud sires in 2016 who have huge futures.Grizzly Bear has tested negative against spider syndrome: SL0465 and comes from a brucellosis accredited free flock. ASBV's http://sgsearch.sheepgenetics.org.au/Search/Details.aspx… 

Dam of Grizzly Bear and grizzly bears daughter 16/601

Two 2016 ram lambs sired by Grizzly Bear

Otto 13/484 'Duke"
Sire: Collie Hills 09/21 (NZ)
Dam: Otto 08/99
Sire of Dam: Goldstream 05/192 (NZ)
Comment: Duke was bought from the Australian sheep and wool show in 2014. He was successful in the show ring being Champion at Canberra, Horsham, and Edenhope and placing at Bendigo. Duke has a great nature and featured in my year 12 celebrations! He also has a highly sought after NZ pedigree and has been proven to throw muscly lambs. http://sgsearch.sheepgenetics.org.au/Search/Details.aspx…

Three 2016 ram lambs sired by Duke

2015 ewe sired by Duke