Sayla Park 21/32 "Impact" was born on the 20th of July 2021 as a single by Sayla Park 20/3 out of Sayla Park 19/209 (Sired by Lynburn 17/125). Impact was purchased from the Sayla Park online sale for $15,500 in 2022. This ram ticks every single box for a game changing suffolk sire, he has carcase, type, structure, presence and growth. He has a beautiful sirey suffolk head along with an early maturing carcase. He was shown at all the major shows and won Champion suffolk ram at Bendigo elite and went on to be supreme suffolk of the show. He also has some tremendous figures with low birth weight at 0.35 , high growth with a PWWT of 15.7, huge positive muscle at 2.53 and positive fat at 0.14. 

Sayla Park 17/18 "Everest"

Sire: Sayla Park 16/26 (Sold for $7,500)

Dam: Sayla Park 15/61

SOD: Kerangie 10/10

Comments:  Everest was purchased at the 2018 Adelaide Elite Sale for $10,500, the highest priced suffolk sold in the sale. This ram is the complete package, ticking all the boxes in phenotype as well as genotype! He was shown at all major shows and came 2nd in the June class at Bendigo, Hamilton, Adelaide and Bendigo Elite shows, culminating in the supreme champion ram of show at Horsham. This ram had great scans as a ram lamb, scanning 44mm of muscle and 4.5mm of fat at 72kg! He also consistently scanned well at shows scanning 52mm at Bendigo Elite. This great ram has had outstanding lambs on the ground,, including siring the champion ram at the Australian sheep and wool show, Reserve Champion at Hamilton and Adelaide 2019. Overall he has 488 lambs in 13 flocks. Semen is available for sale, with discounts for large purchases. Sons have sold to $12,500.

ASBV's here

Hopea 14/403 "Grizzly Bear"
Sire: Deppeler 12/3018 "Bear Cub"
Dam Burwood 08/1568
Sire of Dam: Allendale 04/1924
Comments: Grizzly Bear has been one of the best rams bred at Hopea, he had conformation, structure and muscling which breeds into his lambs with strong suffolk heads. He was shown successfully winning multiple champions and placing high in the larger shows such as Bendigo and Hamilton. He produced two stud sires .Grizzly Bear has tested negative against spider syndrome: SL0465 and comes from a brucellosis accredited free flock. ASBV's

Dam of Grizzly Bear and grizzly bears daughter 16/601

Two 2016 ram lambs sired by Grizzly Bear