Sayla Park 21/32 "Impact"

Sayla Park 21/32 "Impact" was born on the 20th of July 2021 as a single by Sayla Park 20/3 out of Sayla Park 19/209 (Sired by Lynburn 17/125). Impact was purchased from the Sayla Park online sale for $15,500 in 2022. This ram ticks every single box for a game changing suffolk sire, he has carcase, type, structure, presence and growth. He has a beautiful sirey suffolk head along with an early maturing carcase. He was shown at all the major shows and won Champion suffolk ram at Bendigo elite and went on to be supreme suffolk of the show. He also has some tremendous figures with low birth weight at 0.35 , high growth with a PWWT of 15.7, huge positive muscle at 2.53 and positive fat at 0.14. 


Hopea 21/131

Hopea 131 was born on the 5th of July 2021 as a twin out of Advancer 11/460 "Scotty" out of Advancer 16/364 (By Advancer 14/196). His dam was purchased from the Advancer Dispersal in lamb. This ram has an exciting UK pedigree which gives him that added bone and type. "Scotty" was 87.5% UK bloodline and features as his sire and also great grandsire on the dam side giving this bloke a good fusion of UK blood. He has been a standout since he was born and was chosen to backup the main joining.


Hopea 20/S178

Hopea 178 was born on the 21st of August 2020 as a single by Kerangie 18/554 "Raptor" out of Hopea 19/945 (By Sayla Park "Everest" 17/18). This ram has extreme growth being in the top 5% for WWT top 10% for PWWT. He was always the pick out of the August drop group. He is a taller, upstanding ram with a strong muscle pattern and good depth. A ram with a look at me presence. Scanned 14/3/21 weighed 71kg, 41 EMD and 4.5 FAT.


Spider Syndrome Free:  AS7043689

Hopea 20/S87

Hopea 20/87 was born on the 12th of July 2020 as a twin by Sayla Park "Everest" out of Oakwood 18/8468 (By Glencraig 12/1038 "Logan"). He was the standout ram for the 2020 drop suffolks, He has a great suffolk head as well as a wedge shape and carcase. He is well balanced and is a great example of another Everest son. Sold for $4,000 in the 2021 Bendigo Elite Online Sale.

He scanned 43.5emd 7fat at 73.5kg on 14/3/2021


Spider Syndrome Free: AS7043681

Hopea 20/S028

Hopea 28 was born on the 2nd of July as a twin out of Hopea 19/960 out of Hopea 16/680 (By Hopea 15/505 "Bearman"). He has been one of the top performance ram for the 2020 drop with a culmination of great traits including a low birth weight, high EMD (Top 20%) and positive fat as well as being in the top 10% for SHEARF5. Physically he is a much more moderate ram and is ideal for maidens with his lower adult weight as well as great shoulder set and wedge shape. He scanned super as a lamb weighing 67.5kg EMD: 45.5 FAT: 7 on the 14/3/21. 


Spider Syndrome Free: AS7043686

Advancer "Stan"

Stan was born on the 28th of June 2020. He is sired by Collegian 16/6026 out of Advancer 16/394 (By Advancer 14/196). Stan was purchased at the Advancer Dispersal as a ram lamb in 2021 for $2,400. He is a very exciting mix of both UK and US genetics having 3 100% UK blooded rams in his pedigree. He is a long, meaty ram with a brilliant temperament. He has been tested negative of spider syndrome.
Spider Syndrome Free:  AS7043682

Kerangie 20/2048 "Andy"

Kerangie 20/2048 "Andy" was born on the 31st of July 2020 as a twin by Kerangie 19/2465 (Sold for $6,000) out of Oakwood 17/7051 (By Oakwood 13/19). Andy was purchased from the Kerangie Dispersal in 2021 as a ram lamb. He is a ripping early maturing type with solid suffolk features as well as growth and fat cover that will compliment our flock. He is well balanced with structural soundness.


Spider Syndrome Free:  AS7043684

Kerangie 20/2029 "Chernobyl"

Kerangie 20/2029 "Chernobyl" was born on the  21st of July 2020 as a triplet out of the 1986 drop ram Gypsum Hill "Seaway" 86/116 out of the Kerangie ewe 16/518 (By Oakwood 14/140). Chernobyl was purchased from the Kerangie Dispersal in 2021 as a ram lamb. He was an exciting opportunity to purchase a historical pedigree and give him a crack, hence the name Chernobyl which happened in his sire's birth year! He is neatly made with good shoulders and a nice suffolk head, it will be interesting to compare his progeny and their attributes with more modern pedigrees!


Spider Syndrome Free:  AS7043688

*2021 AI SIRE* Kerangie 19/2484

Being used in our first AI program in 2021 is Kerangie 19/2484 who sold for $11,000 in 2020 to Mullinger Park. Hopea were the underbidder on this ram and couldn't pass up the opportunity to still get his genetics! He is an exemplary example of a suffolk with a strong carcase, good bone and balance, he was used over some of the best ewes at Hopea.


Hopea 19/960

Hopea 19/960 was born on the 16th July 2019 out of the first crop of Sayla Park 17/18 "Everest" and out of the Hopea ewe 13/329 (By Jerendine 09/3010 "Fusion"). 960 is a standout ram of the 2019 drop, he has a beautiful suffolk head, a huge loin and spring of rib as well as a great rear end. His conformation is great and he is also nice and balanced. 960 scanned great as a lamb with 40EMD and 5.5FAT at 60.5kg.

Hopea 19/930

Hopea 19/930 was born on the 6th of July 2019 as a twin by Sayla Park "Everest" out of a former show ewe Hopea 16/650 (By Hopea 14/416 "Anzac"). 930 is a streamlined, well balanced young ram, he has great muscling setup with a large loin and nice hindquarters as well as having a great temperament. 930 scanned 40.5 EMD and 4.5FAT at 56kg. 930 has been used for the 2020 drop as a Backup ram for the main group of suffolk ewes.

Hopea 19/906 

Hopea 906 was born on the 25th of June as a single by Hopea 16/605 "Black Caviar" out of the Telpara Ewe 17/43H. 906 was a standout as a lamb and caught my attention multiple times, he will continue on the "Grizzly Bear" bloodline with the infusion of Telpara genetics. 906 has a nice even shoulder set, a great head and is well balanced. He scanned 40EMD and 5FAT at 71kg as a lamb.

 Hopea 18/885

Hopea 18/885 was born on the 5th of August 2018 as a single by Hopea 17/726 and out of the outstanding producing ewe Glencraig 13/158 (By Glencraig 09/710 "Kestral"). This bloke was outstanding since he was a lamb and was chosen to be in the show team at 5 months. He was shown at Bendigo, winning the august class, Judge Craig Mitchell described him as "really well balanced, tremendous breed type and handling really well". He has great thickness and true Suffolk type. His dam has consistently thrown great lambs, and has a great bloodline to continue on with. He was scanned as a lamb at 6 months with 35.5mm of muscle and 5 mm of fat at 63.5kg.

Sayla Park 17/18 "Everest"

Sayla Park 17/18 was born on the 22nd June 2017 as a twin by Sayla Park 16/26 (Sold for $7,500 Adelaide Show 2017) out of the Sayla Park ewe 15/61 (By Kerangie 10/10). Everest was purchased at the 2018 Adelaide Elite Sale for $10,500, the highest priced suffolk sold in the sale. This ram is the complete package, ticking all the boxes in phenotype as well as genotype! He was shown at all major shows and came 2nd in the June class at Bendigo, Hamilton, Adelaide and Bendigo Elite shows, culminating in the supreme champion ram of show at Horsham. This ram had unbelievable scans as a ram lamb, scanning 44mm of muscle and 4.5mm of fat at 72kg! He also consistently scanned well at shows scanning 52mm at Bendigo Elite. His lambplan figures also reflect his great raw data with a low birth weight, Pwt of 13.2 a great PEMD of 0.7 culminating in a C+ 181 and TCP of 133.4. This great young ram already has some outstanding lambs on the ground, and sired the Champion ram at the 2019 Australian sheep and wool show and Reserve Champ. at Hamilton and Adelaide for Sayla Park. Semen is available for sale, with discounts for large purchases. Sons have sold to $12,500, $6,000 and $4,000.

Hopea 726 

Hopea 726 was born on the 1st of July 2017 as a twin by Hopea 15/528 "Takeover" out of the maiden ewe Hopea 15/502 (By Deppeler 12/3018 "Bear Cub"). 726 looks like a real good ram in the making with a blue blood pedigree and the type to match. 726's dam 15/502 was a great ewe in her own right, winning supreme exhibit at Edenhope show in 2016 against very strong competition. Hopea 726 has a nice black head, great ear set and structural conformation as well as a very nice set of figures. Hopea 726 is a twin and also has a very handy twin sister, which will be also be in the 2018 show team. 

He was the top ram lamb of the 2017 drop. One son used in stud

Telpara 160064 "Ranger"

Telpara 160064 was born in August 2016 as a twin! He was sired by Allendale 14/1418 who is by the NZ sire Mornish 12/18, He is also from the Telpara ewe 14/48 by Pine Ridge 12/2 who runs back to the well known Letts "Hurcules" ram. He was purchased for $4,900 at the 2017 Telpara Annual Sale. 64 has figures to back his great phenotype with a WWT of 10.2 a positive PEMD of 0.6 and a C+ of 183. He stood well on all fours and was filled with muscle, particularly through his hindquarter. 

Hopea 160633 "Hulk"

Hopea 633 was born on the 4th of July 2016 by Allendale 14/1507 "Ace" out of the Hopea ewe 14/429 (by Jerendine 09/3010 "Fusion") as a twin. He was a standout from birth, and has grown into a very nice ram. He is deep and balanced with heaps of muscle and power throughout. 633 also did well in the show ring coming 2nd in the July class at Bendigo and 6th in the July class at Hamilton against strong competition, as well as winning champion suffolk ram at Horsham. 633 has a great temperament, who loves a pat and is very quiet.

Hopea 160605 "Black Caviar"

Hopea 605 was born on the 22nd of March 2016, He is sired by Hopea 403 "Grizzly Bear"  and is out of a Pine Ridge ewe 08/8038. 605 has bred very well being used in 3 consecutive years, and has sired a june class winner at Hamilton in 2018. He scanned very well as a lamb at 67kgs, 38mm of eye muscle and 4.5mm of fat. He has nice muscle covering throughout especially through his loin and hindquarter. SLS Free

Hopea 150521 "Balmoral" 

Hopea 15/521 was born on the 27/6/2015 as a twin. He is by Otto "Duke" and out of the Hopea ewe 13/325 (Tw) by Jerendine "Fusion". 521 has nice muscling through the loin and the hindquarter, and stands well on all fours. He was shown at Balmoral and received Champion All Other breeds ram lamb and then went on to receive Interbreed Champion Ram Lamb beating 90 other ram lambs. He has nice all round ASBV'S which can be seen here 

Spider Syndrome tested free: SL0590

Hopea 150528 "Takeover"

Hopea "Takeover" 15/528 was born on the 1st of July 2015, he is by Otto "Duke" who has full NZ bloodlines and out of the Hopea Ewe 12/162 (Sired by Jerendine "Fusion") Takeover had the best muscle scans for the suffolks being 62.5kgs, 39 muscle depth and 3.5mm of fat. Takeover is very typical of his NZ heritage with huge bone and a thickset build. Unfortunately Takeover died in 2017 

Spider syndrome tested free: SL0591

Used for 2016-2017 drops

Hopea 150505 "Bearman"

Hopea 505/15 was born on the 8th of June 2015 he is by Deppeler "Bear Cub" and out of the ewe Burwood 81568. This makes him a full brother to Hopea "Grizzly Bear" 403.  505 scanned 58kgs, 36 muscle and 3mm of fat at 6 months as a twin.

Spider Syndrome free: SL0593

Used for 2016 drop

Allendale 141507 "Ace"

Allendale "Ace" 1507 was born on 10th of July 2014. Ace was sired by Allendale 12/1070 out of an Allendale 07/204 (Champion Ram Adelaide '08 sold for $8000) ewe.

Spider syndrome free: SL0511


Used for 2016 drop

Hopea 140416 "Anzac"

Born on the 25th Of June 2014, Anzac is a truly exceptional ram sired by Jerendine "Fusion" and out of the Burwood ewe 07/71474. He has a huge amount of length and great lambplan figures. He was shown at Bendigo Sheep and Wool show with a 5th in the June/July.

Spider Syndrome free: SL0467

Lambplan figures

Hopea 140403 "Grizzly Bear"

Born on the 7th of June 2014, Grizzly Bear is one of the standouts of the 2014 drop. He is sired by Deppeler 3018 "Bear Cub" out of the Burwood ewe 81568. This ram has serious conformation and may be one of the best rams I have bred yet! Successful in the show ring winning Champion Ram at Balmoral against strong competition, he is a long ram with great bone and huge outlook as a sire.He was shown at Bendigo for a 3rd in June/July class, also at Hamilton he came 2nd in the June class with the winning ram  of the class becoming champion and also going on to become the Grand Champion shortwool ram of the show. he also lead our group of two ewes and a ram to second place. His progeny have scanned well above average muscle for their age and their conformation is superb. Semen available @ $90 PER PELLET (3 EWE DOSES) MINIMUM OF 5 PELLETS (15 DOSES)

Spider syndrome tested free:SL0465

Used for 2015 drop

Hopea 140414 "Akubra"

Born on the 25th Of June 2014, Akubra was one of the top rams of the 2014 drop. Sired by the late Burwood "Ziggy' out of the top producing ewe Laurel View 8032. He has an outstanding C+ figure of 169. Akubra wasn't shown due to injury.

Spider Syndrome tested free: SL0469

Used for 2015-2017 drops

Otto 130484 "Duke"

Otto "Duke" was born on the 26th of July 2013, Sired by a top NZ bred Collie hills sire his blood is nearly pure NZ suffolk. His Dam was sired by an AI sire Goldstream 192. This ram is all early growth, with muscling and a wow factor to match. He was also shown successfully including a Champion ram at Canberra and Horsham a third in his class at Bendigo and a 2nd in his class at the Dubbo feature show. This ram is a great out cross for my stud. Sadly "Duke" passed away in 2017 but his progeny are still producing amazing sheep.

Used for 2015-2017 drops

Deppeler 1009 "Carl"

Sired by Deppeler "Wally" who was Champion Interbred Ram at Melbourne Royal. His Dam Deppeler "Mae was Reserve Supreme Melbourne in 2005.

DNA Tested SSF (Spider Syndrome Free) ID Test No : SL0257

used for 2011-2012 drops

Deppeler 3018 "Bear Cub"

sired by Deppeler "Bear" who was the Reserve Champion Interbred ram at Melbourne Royal in 2011, His dam is the Allendale ewe 312 which has produced outstanding progeny including stud rams every year! Bear Cub has produced outstanding results in the show ring including Australian Sheep & Wool Show (Bendigo) 2nd, Hamilton Sheepvention  1st, Bendigo Elite Suffolk Show & Sale 1st, Royal Melbourne Show 3rd, Royal Geelong Show 1st, Bearcub was shown at only the five shows listed and always in the class - "Shorn, born after August 1st. In addition he was 2nd in Breeders Group and 3rd Breeders Pair at Sheepvention. 1st in Breeders Pair and 1st Group of three any age at Royal Melbourne, this group of 3 went on to win ASSBA Interbreed Shortwool Group. 1st in group of four and second ASSBA Interbreed Group of four at Royal Geelong. Spider Syndrome Tested Free: SL 0170.

Used as a main sire 2014-2016

Burwood 136 "Ziggy"

Sired by the renowned Coleford 50624 (NZ) by Burwood 81639 . Ziggy went to the Royal Adelaide show to recieve 1st in wooly class and 1st in sires progeny.DNA Tested SSF (Spider Syndrome Free) ID Test No: SL0255 ASBV'S: 

used 2013-2014 drops

Burwood 126 "Boomerang"

Sired by Coleford 50624 (NZ) out of  Burwood 81556. Boomerang has a twin sister which was sold at the Burwood Dispersal for $1,200. Boomerang along with Ziggy was chosen for the 2012 Show Team. Boomerang took 3rd place in July Shorn and 1st in Sires Progeny at Adelaide.DNA Tested SSF (Spider Syndrome Free) ID Test No: SL0256 ASBV'S:

used as a main 2013-2015 sire

Waltham Park 128

DNA Tested SSF (Spider Syndrome Free) ID Test No: SL0254

Jerendine 3010 'Fusion" 

Sired by legendary Deppeler "Wally" and to the dam Allendale 72 

DNA Tested SSF (Spider Syndrome Free) ID Test No: SL0253

was used within the Deppeler flock.

Used as main sire 2012-2015 drops