Hopea Suffolk Stud was founded in 2011 with 10 stud ewes and 1 stud ram. Since then we have increased our flock size to 90 mature breeding ewes (2017). Our bloodlines include some of the top studs in Australia and New Zealand these include Burwood, Pine Ridge, Allendale, Coleford, Glencraig, Deppeler and Pamellen.

2016- 12 ewes from Glencraig Suffolks, WA
2015-14 ewes from Oberon Suffolks, Victoria
2015- 6 ewes from Marananga Suffolks, Tasmania
2014- 4 ewes, 1 ewe lamb from Broughton Lodge
2014- 1 ram from Otto Suffolks, Walla Walla
2013- 1 ram 5 ewes from Deppeler Suffolks, Derrinallum
2013- 2 ewes from Closeup and Curlew Valley suffolks
2013- 11 ewes from Burwood Suffolks, Bordertown
2012- 2 rams from Burwood Suffolks, Bordertown
2011- 2 rams from Deppeler suffolks, Derrinallum
2010- 32 ewes from Laurel View, St Arnard 
2010- 1 ram 10 ewes from Waltham Park, Ballan

We Vaccinate with Gudair® and 6in1 at marking with a follow up with 6in1 4 weeks