Outstanding Features:


  • Large framed sheep with strikingly attractive black head and legs
  • Long thick set body and smooth shoudlers
  • Back and loin, long & level, well covered with meat
  • Ribs deep and well sprung
  • Hindquarters and twist, wide deep and meaty
  • Tail well set up
  • Legs straight
  • Hocks weel sprung, standing high on strong feet


Carriage:  Alert, showing stamina and quality

Head:  Polled, black and smooth

Legs:  Legs and hooves black and strong

Skin:  Pink, fine and soft

Wool:  White, fine and moderately short and dense (24 micron)

Meat: Fine grain, lean and meaty. Superbly flavoured meat containing highest proportion of lean meat to fat

The Suffolk Sheep

Handsome and hardy, happily hornless,
Prolific in twins, rarely born less,
Face and four legs as black as the devil,
The breast, back and loins all wide and level
Well covered in meat, of muscle no lack, 
Legs of mutton well filled, tail level with back

From an 1897 publication

Thanks to the Suffolk Association http://www.suffolks.com.au/index.htm