*most of the rams below can have semen collected if there is enough interest!

Hopea 177026

Hopea 7026 was born on the 1st of June 2017 as a single by Hopea 15/5058 "Comet" out of the Hopea ewe 14/4075 (By Burwood 12/2338 "Empire"). This makes him a full brother to Hopea 16/6076 "Starboy". Hopea 7026 is the standout of the 2017 drop, he has great presence, great type and is sure to grow out well. He scanned very well as a lamb weighing 86kg having a 41.5EMD and 6 FAT. Definitely a ram to watch!

Hopea 177033

Hopea 7033 was born on the 5th of June 2017 as a Twin from Anden 14/290 "Paramount" out of the Detpa Grove ewe 13/529 (By DG 12/214). 7033 has great conformation and structure, as well as having a big presence in the mob. He scanned very well as a lamb with a weight of 69.5kg an EMD of 41 and 7 FAT. 7033 is yet another great son of Anden Paramount who continues to produce great sheep.


Used for main drop 2018

Omad 160412 "Extension"

Omad 160412 was born on the 4th August 2016 as a twin from the Anden ram 13/293 out of the Hayelle ewe 14/491. He was purchased from the Omad Annual sale in 2017 for the top price of $2,000. 412 has a lot of potential, with a nice neck extension, type and presence. Only a baby as an August dropper this ram should fill out to be a great sire. 


Used for main drop 2018

Hopea 166019 

Hopea 6019 was born on the 27th May 2016 as a single by Anden 140290 "Paramount" out of the Hopea ewe 11/208 (By a Laurel view ram). Hopea 6019 has been the first ram lamb from the ewe in 6 years after only producing ewe lambs which were all above average, and the same can be said for this bloke! He has been a very quick grower scanning at 80kgs with 37.5mm of muscle. He was taken to Balmoral show and was chosen as Champion White Suffolk as well as also taking home the Interbreed title. 


Hopea 166013 "Glacier"

Hopea 6013 was born on the 26th of May 2016 as a twin by Detpa Grove "Iceberg" 13/544 out of the Tapton ewe 12/288. 6013 is a great typical white Suffolk ram, with great muscling especially in his hindquarters and nice pigment around his eyes. Both 6013 and his twin brother are very stylish sheep who were both in the show team for 2017. 6013 scanned 39mm of muscle and 5.5mm of fat at 70kgs as a lamb. Used as a ram lamb 


Used for main drop 2018

Hopea 166076 "Starboy"

Hopea 6076 was born on the 24th of August 2016, sired by Hopea 5058 "Comet" out of a Hopea ewe 14/4075. This ram has a look at me presence even though he is the youngest ram in the flock! Born as a twin 6076 has good white suffolk points with a beautiful head on him, he also has serious conformation. HRF Tested Free


Sold to Nuske Stud 2018

Hopea 166010 "Camelot"

Hopea 6010 was born on the 24th of May 2016, he is sired by Anden 14/290 and is out of an Anna Villa Dam 13/181 making him an outcross to most of my ewe base. He had strong scans as a lamb with 39mm of Eye Muscle and 6mm of fat. He is a nice strong bodied ram with great white suffolk points and a tremendous width of loin and hindquarter. He also has a nice even set of ASBV's to go with his visual appeal. HRF Tested Free


Hopea 155122 "Top Gun"

Hopea 15/5122 was born on the 24th of October 2015. He is sired by Detpa Grove 13/544 "Iceberg" and is out of the Adalinda ewe 13/224. Top Gun is a ram with loads of potential, he was the youngest ram on my 2016 show team and in the entire drop. He was successful in the show ring coming 6th in the born after August open class in Bendigo at only 8 months old weighing 89kgs and scanning 42mm of muscle, where he competed against rams 2 months older than him. He has a beautiful nature and presence but also great muscling throughout his body. 

HRF Tested free


Hopea 155058 "Comet"

Born on the 25th of June 2015, 5058 is sired by Detpa Grove 130130 out of a Detpa Grove ewe. This ram has a clean face with typical strong white suffolk points. As a ram lamb he scanned 38 Eye muscle depth and 4 mm of fat. 5058 has been shown with success winning Champion White Suffolk Ram and also reserve Champion Interbreed ram lamb at Balmoral in 2016 beating over 70 rams including 7 other pairs of rams in his winning class which was Pair of Rams. HRF Tested Free


Anden 140290 "Paramount"

Born on the 2nd of August 2014 Paramount is sired by the successful Anden 13/41 which also sired the $36,000 2nd Australian top priced ram. This rams pedigree is filled with proven rams such as Burwood 110959, Pollambi 451 and Anden 080276, which hold prolific titles in the industry. Paramount also has the figures to match his pedigree with a carcase plus of 223 and a PEMD of 2.5. This ram should take the stud to great heights and I'm very excited for his progeny. As of 2016 this ram is a half brother to the Australian Record priced $68,000, Champion White suffolk and Champion Interbreed Shortwool ram at Hamilton Sheepvention and Adelaide through being born from the same dam 13/21. Paramount has produced some quality progeny and continues to do so.
Used for main drop 2018

Hopea 144008 "Eureka"

Born on the 5th of June 2014, Eureka was sired by Coronga 546 and born from a top Bundara Downs ewe in 134614. He has great figures which have improved with the input of progeny and as well  he was one of the fastest growing lambs on the property in 2014, he was used as a ram lamb and produced some top class progeny.

HRF Tested free



Detpa Grove 130544 "Iceberg"

Detpa Grove 130544 was born on the 17th of August 2013 out of the 110140 Detpa Grove ewe. He is sired by the top producing ram DG 110059, this ram like his father has a good set of figures. Iceberg has produced many great sheep creating a great impact on my stud with two sons being retained over two seperate seasons (See Hopea 15/122 and 16/6013 above). his ASBV's an be seen here 

HRF Tested free


Glengarry 122834 "Coincidence" (SOLD)

Glengarry 122834 was born on the 2nd Of July 2012 to the Glengarry ewe 8797. he was shown and sold at the Bendigo elite sale. Coincidence produced some great commercial sheep but wasnt producing the desired stud progeny and so was later sold on to a comercial breeder. But some of his best daughters were kept for stud use. HRF tested free  His ASBVS can be seen here: http://sgsearch.sheepgenetics.org.au/Search/Details.aspx?AnimalId=f3c4c79515ccbbdf440f1f13f73daf&S=S

Burwood 122338 "Empire"

Burwood 122338 was born on the 15th of July 2012 as an ET lamb (Embryo Transfer) from the ewe 100003. He was bought at the second stage ewe and ram dispersal of Burwood Stud for $2500. His full brothers also made $6000 and $4000 at the sale. Empire produced huge meaty sheep that proved a great asset to the stud with multiple sons being used and daughters kept. He also threw great amounts of suffolk type sheep with great muscling and smooth shoulders.