Rams for Sale

35x White Suffolk Rams for sale
June/July/Aug 2020 drop
Drenched with Zolvix Plus
Vaccinated with Gudair
Treated with Extinosad
Come from a brucellosis free flock : 2483
Pasture fed only
$800 + GST Per head

Ewes for Sale

77x White Suffolk ewes

June/July/Aug 2020 drop (16-14 months), averaged 78.4kg 17/10/21

Sires of these ewes include Wingamin 18/1943 “Chrome”, Hopea 18/8020 and Hopea 19/9001.

A great line of well grown ewes who are eligible to be registered, they have only been raised on pasture and majority are from multiple births. All have ASBVs and can come with full pedigrees. They would suit any stud or commercial enterprise and have their whole lives ahead of them. Vaccinated with Gudair and 6in1 and will be drenched prior to sale.
Please use the contact page or call 0427666470